Emilio Guerra

Emilio GuerraI'm a New York City-based journalist and photographer. This personal page is based basically on my interests and hobbies.

My walks around NYC

I've walked thousands of miles inside New York City streets. This page explains why. And here's a map with the major walks.

Map room

Maps are my obsession, so I've created tons of them. My favorites are all here.

My photography

I especialize in landscapes and buildings, specifically historic preservation. My works have been published in many platforms.

The Bronx Survey

In 1978, a survey of Bronx buildings recommended several for protection. After almost four decades, a look at what survived.

NYC landmarks and historic districts

The official map of NYC landmarks is a little bit weird and not exportable, so I created my own running list.

New York City, before and after

I've lived in New York since 2007. In that short amount of time, the city has changed significantly in some places.

Published photographer

My work has been published in books magazines and newspapers.

My day job

While I like photography, architecture, history and geography, here's a link to what I do M-F and most weekends.

My walks around NYC

I remember when I was younger, fitter and didn't have plantar fascitis. You can see a map of my walks here.


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